On the house: Autopilot trading software and seminar

If you’ve been wanting to make big profits regularly in your trading.. and I DON’T mean just the occasional winner –

Or if you’ve been searching for a way to get exact entries and exits for huge scores, then this may be the most important article you’ve ever read.

Mac X, one of the biggest money making trading gurus, is going to give you a fr-ee test drive of his hot new software…
…and show you how to trade with it, too, with his top trader doing LIVE trading sessions!

Pretty gutsy, if you ask me. He’s got to have a dynamite program to put it out there in front of everyone like that, live, where he’s risking his reputation in front of everyone!

I’ll say this much…this software’s been creating the most dramatic success stories I’ve ever heard from traders.

So go download it, and make sure you watch the webcast with Mac’s top trader making money online – live, where you have to prove it works in front of an audience!

It can’t get more honest than that.

And it won’t cost you a cent.


The software has a little secret he’s not revealing to everyone – but I got it from him first-hand.

Here’s the deal… it’s simple to use, but it contains a sophisticated new artificial intelligence, not available in any other trading software.;

No wonder – he “borrowed” some of the same programming used by hi-tech agencies like NASA and the labs at MIT.

The result:

This thing triggers trades and captures pips like a hungry lion in a herd of antelope.

And you’ll get to download it now, before the webcast, for a no-charge test drive.

Check this out for yourself – don’t just take my word for it. The live training event is Tuesday morning, Jan 12 at the New York market open, 8:00 AM EST:


But because this is live, and uses a good-sized chunk of broadcast resources, he can only have so many people on the webcast at once.

So sign up now, since he can only offer so many slots. I’d hate for you to miss this opportunity.

You can’t get more truthful than live trading, where anything can happen… and probably will. Don’t miss the Forex event that will have the whole trading world talking for months!


Rob Trader – Forex Expert

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