Learning Forex the Easy Way ? Part 2

I want to learn how to do things right now.  I am going to go to a two day seminar and I am going to learn everything there is to know about knitting to basket weaving and I am going to walk out of there next week.  It just doesn’t happen that way.  So here’s how you can cut 30 to 80% off the learning curve.  Why such a big range?  Some people just have an easier time with it.  They can follow these few things and they can hack major chunks off of their learning curve.  Other people are just a little bit less.

The first thing is, you want to take twenty minutes at a time.  Go 20 minutes; watch a video; watch a portion of a video; push pause; get up; get a drink of water and do something completely different.  I don’t care if it is watching TV or if it is going out in the garden or throwing the ball to your kids or petting the dog.  Just do something different for 5 minutes.  All it takes is 5 minutes.  Let the information percolate in your brain and then go back and continue. 

The first time through, don’t take any notes.  Just listen to what I am saying.  Let the information get into your brain.  Don’t try and pass judgment on it.  Don’t try to put it into boxes.  Just listen to it one time through and relax.  You will find that find that taking those two steps; take 20 minutes at a time and relaxing, will take so much of the pressure off of you that you are automatically learning faster.

Think about it.  If you are going through a presentation and I am talking about a chart. I am talking about a pattern on the chart and I am talking about a pattern on a chart of the Great British pound U.S. dollar pair.  I am talking about flag pattern that has just come out of a triangle that has lasted for 6 months.  If all of that information is brand new, guess what?  Your brain is going to want to know, what is a British pound U.S. dollar?  By the way, what is a chart and what the heck is this flag and triangle thing? How do they relate to each other?  What are the parts of the flag?  Do you see where I am going with this?

You are going to try to figure out too much information in one time.  Okay, so when you try to figure out all of this information at once while you are learning, hopefully you are starting to understand why it can be so difficult to actually get new information, assemble that information and then use that information.

I can tell you in my life, I have literally used this technique to learn very complex subjects in half the time as very skilled supposedly, expert people.  In fact, you can use this technique inside for three weeks to become just as knowledgeable and almost as proficient as someone who has been using and understanding that information for ten or fifteen years.  Okay?

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