Better B2B Marketing

There are plenty of b2b marketing methods to try. How do we know which work well, and which just end up a waste of time? Here are some excellent methods of maximizing the best return on your b2b marketing dollar:

Attend Seminars:

While many argue that seminars are a waste of money, I suspect that these naysayers just haven’t been marketing themselves properly. You don’t go to a seminar or trade show to market yourself to the passers-by there. Instead, you go to connect with the other booth workers who are interested in connecting with you. These people are at the seminar or trade show because they are direct representatives of their companies; use this to your advantage.


Too often businesses will lose long time customers just because they don’t bother to stay in contact. Even if you don’t have any direct business with a client, it doesn’t hurt to call every so often to plant the reminder that you’re still around. Also, don’t be afraid to send out a card or letter from time to time. In today’s email based world, receiving a hand written messages often is more than enough to set yourself above the competition. Keep the channels of communication open, and make periodic contact – especially with your best contacts.

Lunch And Learns

Don’t be afraid to offer free lectures which describe your product and skills. This is a great way to directly target companies you want to sell to as well as a great chance to talk to them face to face about your company. In addition, it displays a sense of professionalism when the presenter has the resources to sponsor an event where other companies can benefit at no cost other than time.

Mail Blasting

One of the fastest growing trends in b2b marketing is to hire a third party to do your marketing for you. Companies like ExactTarget of Indianapolis, IN take your business letters and then distribute them to over 2000 leads. Their system then tracks the e-mails sent and reports back statistics on how many read them and who clicked on what links. It’s a fantastic way to directly follow your market. Yes you have to pay for their services, but the resulting business information in terms of who you are reaching and who you are not is amazing.

Speaking at Service Clubs

Although this may not seem like much, offering to speak about your company or services can make you seem more approachable by other businesses. Also, many business owners like to use service clubs to do informal direct marketing. The face to face time with others at these type of networking events can be valuable in building relationships.

Unfortunately, there’s no one formula to use for perfect b2b marketing. Still, use of the above methods will help your company exceed the competition in terms of results.

M. H. “Mac” McIntosh is described by many as one of America’s leading B2B sales and marketing consultants and an expert on sales lead generation. He is president of Mac McIntosh Inc., a sales and marketing consulting firm that helps companies get more high-quality sales leads and turn them into sales. Read more articles on marketing business-to-business.

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